Full Fledged Service to Speed Up Your Data Journey

Advancing data journeys demands an end-to-end strategy in which you take not just one particular solution, but all of them, so that you can improve data management, create robust security, and gain greater insights.









Data Intelligence in Your Hands Through Our Services

Complete your data journey with our end-to-end services, from Data Integration, Data Management, Data Preparation, to Data Discovery.

Data Integration


Get the ability to consolidate data from multiple sources, internal and external. With Cloudera and Talend, you’ll be more nimble in integrating and improving your data and making it more valuable.

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Easy approach
Simple and straightforward
Highly secure

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Qlik indonesia

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Data Management


Reveal your business potential through data analytics with effective data access, integration, cleansing, governance and storage with these capabilities. By Talend, get the optimal data management capabilities to make your organization more efficient and productive.

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Enhance operational efficiency
Reduce risk and ensure compliance
Increase customer satisfaction


Data Preparation


Manipulate your data using dashboard, microservices and analytics. With Talend, you can unlock new insights to  understand your data better, making it more accurate and meaningful.

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Supported with Machine Learning
Gain new insights
Optimized provision

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Data Discovery


Discover new insights and transform it into an insightful visual layer. With Qlik, get the most from your complex data to better understand and address any challenges at hand.

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Better business decisions
Simplified discovery
Greater innovations

Accomplish Your Business Goals Through Our Services



Business Intelligence solutions deployment by our expertise with best practice to assist you obtain business insight via analysis.


Maintenance Support

Full assistance with on-call and stand-by support, system health-check, bug fixing, and performance tuning.

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Product Walkthrough

Qlik Sense training for IT or user can be done in person (offline) or virtually (online).

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True Innovation Comes from Collaboration

Innovation is everywhere, but we're here to collaborate with you so that you can respond to market changes and customer needs more effectively with our data solutions.