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The Future Is Here, Big Data for Everyone

Without smarter decisions, your business is unlikely to stay in control. This is where Cloudera embarks your data journey by providing real-time access to all of your big data, wherever it may reside, in order to make better strategic choices.

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Flexibility & Simplicity


High Performance


Increased Efficiency


Speed & Control

Your Most Complex Data, 

Simplified by Enterprise Data Hub

An understanding of big data analytics is required by businesses. This enables cross-workload between data sharing and data discovery while ensuring data security and data governance.

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Data Warehouse

Simplify data analytics for thousands of users while reducing costs and risks.

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Operational DB

Sustain scalability, performance, and reliability with a cloud-native operational database.

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Data Engineering

Orchestrate and automate complex data pipelines to improve efficiency and time to value.

Cloudera Products

Qlik indonesia

Qlik partner indonesia

The Miracle of Machine Learning, 

Made by Cloudera Data Science

A machine learning service developed by Cloudera for cloud based environments. Not only public and private cloud, it is also designed to support business with traditional on-premise deployments.


Data Science Workbench

Accelerate machine learning from research to production on your on-premise platforms with a consistent and seamless experience.

Data Science Workbench

Real Time Data Streaming 

with Cloudera DataFlow

Cloudera DataFlow is a scalable and real-time streaming data platform for consuming, curating, and analyzing data. It’s a no-code data management from the edge to the cloud.



Make your data ingestion fast, easy, and secure by automating data movement across multiple data sources and systems so you can trace your data in real time.

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True Innovation Comes from Collaboration

Innovation is everywhere, but we're here to collaborate with you so that you can respond to market changes and customer needs more effectively with our data solutions.

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