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Insightful Visualizations Spark Meaningful Decisions

With Qlik, you can view all of your data and make smarter decisions. By dashboards and platforms that allow you to see the whole story in your data, you’ll overcome any business challenges in no time.


 Analytics Ready


More Insights and Actions


Business Agility


Data Driven


Active Intelligence

A Bigger Scope with Qlik Data Analytics

A Deloitte survey found data analytics helped 49% of respondents make better decisions. To do so, Qlik not only provides data visualization but it also helps you understand your data’s complete story. Visualize your data effortlessly with Qlik.

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Qlik indonesia

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Qlik NPrinting

Utilize and distribute advanced reporting to complete your tasks in a timely manner.

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Qlik Analytics Platform

Create, expand, and embed visual analytics in your apps, portals, and anyplace else easily.

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Qlik Products

Qlik Sense® | Modern Cloud Analytics |
Go from Passive to Active Analytics

Qlik's one-of-a-king Associative technology brings unmatched power to the core of their industry leading analytics experience. Empower all your users to explore freely at the speed of thought with hyperfast calculations, always in context, at scale.

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Connect and combine data from hundreds of data sources

Best-in-class visualization and discovery at your fingertips

Get AI-generated insight suggestions, automatically

Qlik Sense

The Depth of Qlik Sense

Experience how you can perform data-driven choices and take action at the speed of thought with Qlik Sense’s single cloud platform.

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Qlik Replicate

Your DataOps Enhancement with Qlik Data Integration

To lead in the digital age, everyone in your business needs easy access to the latest and most accurate data. Qlik Integration Data enables a DataOps approach to accelerate the discovery and availability of real-time, analytics-ready data by automating data streaming (CDC), refinement, cataloging, and publishing.

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Qlik Replicate

Used by hundreds of enterprises worldwide, Qlik Replicate moves your data easily, securely, and efficiently with minimal operational impact.

Want to Know More About Qlik Replicate?

Qlik Replicate's CDC handles massive amounts of mixed data from source systems and delivers it to streaming, cloud, and data lakes in real time.


Your Data Skills, 

Escalated with Qlik Education

Qlik's educational materials are developed by industry experts to help you quickly learn to use Qlik’s product and level up your data skills.

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Self-Paced Learning

Your specific learning needs will be assisted in a classroom and you can learn all of the materials at your own pace.

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Instructor-Led Learning

Take multiple learning sessions with Qlik experts as your instructor in an interactive hands-on material.

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True Innovation Comes from Collaboration

Innovation is everywhere, but we're here to collaborate with you so that you can respond to market changes and customer needs more effectively with our data solutions.

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