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Cloudera Workload XM

Deliver an extraordinary analytics experience with intelligent workload management.

Empower users to produce actionable insights faster by proactively optimizing workloads, application performance, and infrastructure capacity for data warehousing, data engineering, and machine learning environments.d.

Ensure optimal performance, reduce downtime, and improve utilization across the complete lifecycle of your analytics workloads.

Modern data warehouses enable more users to analyze more types of data faster and with iterative self-service access, while ensuring critical reporting needs and SLAs are met. However, it can be challenging to get a complete view of what’s running across millions of queries and hundreds of databases and to know where to focus and optimize efforts. 

Cloudera Workload XM provides the enhanced visibility and actionability to efficiently migrate, analyze, optimize, and scale workloads running in a modern platform—ultimately resulting in reduced migration risk, faster troubleshooting and root cause analysis, greater uptime, and higher resource utilization.

Key capabilities

Reduce Migration Time and Risk

Consolidate your data marts and warehouses faster, without risking your existing workloads. Only Workload XM provides unique insights to help you migrate SQL workloads from legacy data warehouses for the fastest time-to-first-success. Understand what’s running today, prioritize your migration, and ensure a seamless transition.

Reduce Downtime with Faster Troubleshooting

Focus your efforts when troubleshooting issues for greater efficiency and improved uptime. With Workload XM, you get complete visibility and prescriptive guidance for faster root cause analysis and troubleshooting for optimal efficiency at scale. And with built-in guidance and optimization best practices, developers can self-service tune their own queries to prevent rogue queries.


Eliminate Missed SLAs and Slow Queries 

Ensure predictability for both business critical reports and dynamic, self-service exploration. Only Workload XM powers intelligent performance management for the needs of modern data warehousing workloads, while still meeting critical SLAs through comprehensive workload analytics and health checks.


Maximize Resource Utilization

Confidently and cost-effectively scale your modern data warehouse to take on new users, tenants, and workloads. Workload XM helps you understand how existing resources are being used and how to efficiently reallocate or scale to lower your overall total cost of ownership across the platform.