Experience your data. Your way. A fundamental capability of Cloudera Enterprise, Cloudera Shared Data Experience, or SDX, is a powerful data fabric that makes multi-disciplinary analytics easier to develop, less expensive to deploy, and more secure. Only SDX delivers a shared data experience that works for your data, your analytics, and your people—your way.

Built for the enterprise, optimized for the cloudce

Analytical workloads in the cloud are often transient, siloed, run on isolated infrastructure, and at the mercy of isolated security policies and metadata context.

Cloudera Shared Data Experience, or SDX, is a critical and powerful platform capability that mitigates those issues. It simplifies the development and deployment of multi-function applications in the cloud without sacrificing centralized security, governance, and metadata management traditionally associated with on-premises deployments.

Available on-premises, for your cloud-based applications, as well as in the public cloud as a set of managed services, SDX puts your data to work where and when your people need it. SDX provides shared, consistent data context:

  • Shared catalog: Defines and preserves structure and business context of data for new applications and partner solutions

  • Unified security: Protects sensitive data with consistent controls for both transient and recurring workloads

  • Consistent governance: Enables safe self-service access to all relevant data and increases compliance

  • Full data lifecycle: Aggregates a single copy of all data, provides disaster recovery, and manages your data from ingestion to purge

Cloudera Enterprise: Stateful context, shared experience.


Today’s highest-value machine learning and analytics use cases rely on a variety of analytical capabilities, working in concert to combine data from different sources into a single coherent picture. Precisely that—the ability to bring together data from different sources—is where other data management platforms fall short. At Cloudera, it’s where we start.

With SDX, we unify data management for all your data, with the stateful data context (security, governance, data catalog, and lifecycle management) required to orchestrate multi-disciplinary analytics on any infrastructure with a consistent, shared data experience.

Unify data management operations anywhere and everywhere, quickly discover relevant data, and drive self-service with a shared catalog that puts all data in context, even for transient environments.

Standardize and enforce granular, role-based security policies and auditing across analytics applications, clusters, and environments; and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive or restricted data.



Enable self-service, reduce your risk of noncompliance, and support the multi-disciplinary analytic workloads of today and tomorrow with shared governance, lineage, and auditing throughout the Cloudera platform.

Connect diverse data sources, provide backup and DR across hybrid- and multi-cloud environments, migrate data on demand, and create as well as audit data retention policies.


Sharing is caring: SDX extends beyond just Cloudera’s platform. Leverage your data context through SDX with your favorite Cloudera-certified applications for data integration, ETL, BI, analytics, and much more.