Qlik Sense®

The most powerful and complete solution for modern BI

Qlik Sense helps uncover insights that query-based BI tools simply miss. Our one-of-a-kind Associative Engine brings together all your data so users can freely search and explore to find new connections. AI and cognitive capabilities offer insight suggestions, automation and conversational interaction. This leads to bigger, bolder discoveries and rising data literacy. And a governed, multi-cloud platform offers full deployment choice – including SaaS – and supports a complete range of BI use cases.

Qlik Sense helps you do more with data. Easily combine any data sources, no matter how large or complex, into a single view. Qlik’s Associative Engine indexes and understands the relationships between all the values in your data, both related and unrelated, so you can explore in any direction your intuition takes you and quickly spot hidden insights.


Do the unimaginable with your data

Make data-driven decisions. Together.


With Qlik Sense, everyone can make smarter, more informed decisions, together. No matter how small or large your team, easily share insights and work collaboratively in powerful ways:

  • Stay connected with a unified hub: Find and publish analytics and apps to a centralized hub, both on-premise and in the cloud.

  • Collaborate securely: Create and share libraries of data, analytics and visualizations, to drive business innovation together.

  • Create interactive stories: Build guided stories using analytics, with links to live analysis to facilitate discussion. You can also export to popular file formats.


Interactive analysis, without boundaries

Ask any question and quickly explore across all your data using global search and interactive selections to find your answer. All analytics update instantly with each click, revealing both related and unrelated values so you can explore further or shift your analysis in entirely new directions. There are no limits to exploration and no blind spots.


Simply smarter analytics

Innovative visualizations put data in the right context to answer any question. Explore the shape of data and pinpoint outliers. Leverage multi-layer maps and powerful geographic calculation. Dive into advanced analytics calculations from R and Python using simple clicks. And go farther with AI-powered insight suggestions and conversational analytics.


Create and explore on any device

Explore, create, and collaborate on any device, wherever you are. Create analytics faster with AI-recommendations for data relationships and chart types. And Qlik Sense was built for mobility, with responsive design and touch interaction – build analytics apps once and they work everywhere. Get fully interactive offline analysis on iOS, and support for leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platforms.