Cloudera Fast Forward Labs Research

Never leave your predictions to chance

Cnderstanding the business value of innovation at the intersection of machine learning, data science, and statistics can pay off, bringing the recently possible into the realm of possibility and providing key competitive differentiation for your organization.


Your data nerd best friends

Despite its promise, machine learning can be downright daunting. Best efforts can be quickly undermined by uncertainty about a rapidly changing technical landscape, bewilderment on how best to build and organize teams, and difficulty separating hype from reality. 

Free up executives and data science teams to focus on the future of the business with a virtual dedicated research staff that continually monitors the latest techniques and industry best practices, determining how best to apply them to your difficult business problems.

Cloudera Fast Forward Labs Research focuses on emerging trends that are still changing due to algorithmic breakthrough, hardware breakthrough, technological commoditization, and data availability. Accompanying the reports are working prototypes that exhibit the capabilities of the algorithm and offer detailed technical advice on its practical application.

What's in a research subscription?

A Cloudera Fast Forward Labs research subscription opens up new use cases for your data and delivers a vital head start through:

  • Quarterly reports, which focus on different emerging data and machine learning-enabled capabilities that will be relevant in a six-month to two-year timeframe.

  • A prototype demonstrating its application

  • Access to all previously published research reports and prototypes

  • A weekly newsletter with updates on new research and developments in the field

  • Four hours per month of remote consulting to support your data and machine learning efforts