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Endless Wave of Possibilities
Unlocked with Data Innovation

Reshape your business future with data analytics solutions from Duta Sarana Inovasi (DSI) so that you can unlock the full potential and seize opportunities to stay competitive, no matter what size of your organization

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Greater Goals with Our Data Solutions

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DSI’s data solutions offer you the dynamic where you can use any data tool to integrate, manage, manipulate, and discover them in an easy and efficient manner.

Data Integration

Consolidate data from multiple sources, making data ingestion simple and secure.

Data Management

Manage data analytics, access, integration, cleansing, governance, and storage.

Data Preparation

Manipulating data using dashboards, microservices, analytics, and machine learning.

Data Discovery

Solve most complex data by cleansing, integrating, and analyzing it to uncover clear discoveries.

Advanced Your Data Management with Wide Range of Products

Let your business reach its victory with the help of data analytics and data management products from our chosen solution providers.


Exploration Beyond the Limits

Transform your business with insightful and AI-driven data analytics in real-time to make it more collaborative and actionable.

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Infinite Big Data to Uncover Real-Time Insights

Solve any problem by streaming and extracting big data to gain real-time insights for better business choice.